A$AP Rocky Performs At Lowlands Festival 2019

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There are people who do things out the kindness of their heart, and there are people who do things specifically for a shoutout, a thank you, or some form of compensation.

Yahoo published a report that goes into detail about exactly what went into the White House and their alleged role in helping A$AP Rocky return home. According to the report, Trump got involved when a reality television megastar, likely Kim Kardashian, called the West Wing to make a plea for Rocky and set things in motion. Also involved was a mysterious entertainment industry “fixer” and two Black Trump supporters.

These allies of Trump all hoped to get Rocky home, and once that was done, they were thinking that he would thank Trump, the White House, and thereby improve their image amongst the Black community. Instead, they are now salty that Rocky seemingly left them hanging with no public thanks to Trump or the White House.

Darrell Scott and Kareem Lanier were two of the individuals on Trump’s team set to free A$AP. Scott is a pastor in Ohio who eventually served on Trump’s transition team into the White House. Lanier serves as the co-chairman of the Urban Revitalization Coalition, which is a non profit led by Scott. The two relatively unknown men have now become mainstays at the White House and they are tasked with addressing issues concerning the Black community — or in other words, serving as the token Blacks in an attempt to get Blacks to vote for Trump in 2020.


Scott and Lanier both said they got involved with the White House after a man by the name of Hassan Muhammad reached out and described himself as a “fixer for high profile figures in the entertainment industry.” Muhammad, who seems to be dark on all social media, did not reveal his sources, but said Rocky’s camp reached out to fix this situation he was in.

Scott was initially skeptical to help the rapper, but after watching the videos Rocky posted on his Instagram after the incident and before the arrest, he agreed to help because he felt like the rapper was being harassed by the man who accused Rocky and his team of assault.

When Rocky’s trial wrapped and he was released earlier this month, Lanier and Scott expected to receive a thank you. Lanier and Scott even reached out in the hours following the rapper’s release to initiate discussion, but received nothing.

Once Rocky was released and settled back home, he made two instagram posts: the first thanking his family and fans for their continual and unwavering support. The second post expressed that he was disappointed with the verdict, but he once again thanked his fans, his management, label and everyone who advocated for justice, but no mention of Trump.