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I am of the thinking that you let a sleeping dog lie. Especially if that dog is erratic, ill-tempered, and can go off at any second.

That seemed to be what the Oakland Raiders should have done when they decided to retroactively fine Antonio Brown for the mandatory walk thru’s he missed when he was going through his helmet situation.

AB posted to Instagram the letter he got from the Raiders notifying him of his fine. The letter mentions that the team previously had fined Brown $40,000 for missing camp on Aug. 18, that is the same day General Manager Mike Mayock issued his ultimatum to Brown, saying, “It’s time for him to be all-in or all-out, OK?”

Following all the feet and helmet drama, AB finally had his helmet, and his feet were healed, everything seemed ready to go for Monday night.

Until this post, once the post was made, it was obvious AB was annoyed, and not happy with the situation.

Thursday afternoon, reports came out from Adam Schefter and Ian Rapoport that WR Antonio Brown and GM Mike Mayock had gotten into it. While the altercation did not become physical, there was a screaming match in which AB threatened to hit Mayock, and then punted a ball.

Mike Tannenbaum, former GM of the New York Jets said that a suspension could lay the ground work for Antonio Brown’s $30 million in guaranteed money to be completely voided by the team. That sequence of events would likely end his career in Oakland before it even starts.

I understand Mayock, and the Raiders were frustrated, but they should have been WELL aware what they were getting themselves into when they traded for AB.

I think the Raiders wrote their own death wish by fining Antonio Brown.

I am in no way justifying how AB is acting, however, this could have totally been avoided if Mayock didn’t threaten to fine AB for his time missed with the helmet issue, and the foot problems over $50,000.

I understand Mayock wants to set a precedence that you cannot miss practice without result, but in professional sports, people as gifted as Antonio Brown don’t walk through the door everyday. AB’s super talents aside, the Raiders gave up 2 draft picks to get Antonio Brown, granted it was just a 3rd and a 5th, but nonetheless, it’s draft capital they would have thrown away for literally nothing if AB is released as a result of the suspension.

This whole ordeal makes AB look super childish, as a fan of his, I honestly think he should just pay the fine, and move on. His legacy has taken numerous damaging hits over the last 8 months, and it’s making him looking very very bad.

No matter what ends up happening from this whole ordeal, one thing is for sure, the drama is likely far from over.