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Over the summer a series of dome-like concepts, that appeared to be houses appeared in Calabasas. The homes were reportedly designed by Kanye West and his team of designers. The houses were reportedly created to increase the economic value of the area with increasingly expensive homes to place on the market, there were also conflicting reports saying they were just prototypes over the 300-acre property belong to Yeezy.

Reports have since emerged saying that the dome type house were in violation of building codes, because they did not acquire the proper permits, in fact, they had no permits at all.

Residents who lived near the site where the domes were being built began to complain to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works because construction was happening late into the night, and on Sunday, both of which is prohibited.It was also reported that Kanye had 45 days to acquire property permits or the prototypes would have to be torn down.

An inspector was called out to the site, he was told that the domes were not permanent, and were just for a production, in this even, permits would not be required, however, they were still not allowed to build late in the night, and on Sundays.

Neighbors continued to complain, and the inspector made another visit, this time, he discovered that the domes were being built on concrete foundation, which led him to not believe that the structures were not permanent.

Nonetheless, Kanye and his team were instructed to have the structures removed by September 15th.

As of Monday, September 9, most of the structures have been removed with a week to spare.

At this moment, it is unclear if the production is complete, or if Kanye decided to just set up shop elsewhere. Yeezy reportedly just bought $14 million worth of land in Wyoming.