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Reebok Signs Angel Reese

Source: Reebok / Reebok

Fresh off the Met Gala‘s iconic stairs, Angel Reese is stunting again.

Reese officially signed with Reebok back in October to help lead the company’s basketball division, and now she’s revealed she’s getting her own signature shoe.

She recently took to TikTok Live to explain why she chose Reebok over some of the other rivaling athletic brands, citing how Reebok sweetened the pot and because she wanted to be a leader in the space.

“They didn’t have a woman basketball player [as] a face. So I wanted to be that,” she said before citing her close relationship with Shaq, who’s newly appointed as the president of Reebok Basketball.

The two share LSU lineage and she’s previously cited the extreme trust she has in Shaq, even calling him a “father figure” and asked him to walk with her at Senior Day.

Her close relationship with Shaq aside, she’s also happy to be more hands-on with her Reebok partnership, knowing what her generation will be quick to grab off the shelves.

“I like how they were rebranding everything and letting me be the creative behind everything I want to do. I’m going to have my own shoe line coming out and merch,” she says of her deal. “Stuff for our age. Y’all like what I wear, y’all like how I dress and y’all like my style, so i wanted to incorporate that into Reebok. I want people wearing my shoes.”

Reese then confirms that she will have her own signature shoe in due time, saying, “I want people wearing my shoes. I’ll probably have my own shoe in a couple years… in maybe like two years.”

She credits Reebok for tipping the scale because she wanted to be a priority. The Chicago Sky baller says she could have signed with Nike or Jordan, but that seems to be all too popular for her contemporaries, and she’d rather take the unbeaten path.

“Y’all know I don’t like doing what everybody else does,” she added.”I like to do the complete opposite.”