'Daily Show' host Trevor Noah says that he doesn't have any 'beef' with Kanye West, that in fact, he is concerned that giving him a platform is exacerbating his admitted mental health issues.

The ESPN morning show is one of the most popular sports talk shows in history and they recently announced that they will travel to Canton, Ohio, for the Black College Football Hall of Fame Classic weekend.

The Rapper’s Cactus Jack Foundation announced today that it has awarded $1 million in scholarships for 100 HBCU students in the graduating class of 2022.

Kevin Samuels in life was a divisive figure, and that remains to be the case even after his passing. 

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” - Former heavyweight boxing champ Mike Tyson

Sage Steele got a good dose of karma, and social media is loving every bit of it.

See what Charlie Clips and DNA have to say about voting and the Biden-Harris campaign inside.