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With Kamala Harris recently inaugurated as the 49th Vice President of the United States, Hennessy has created a cocktail aptly named The 49th.

While it isn't quite the season for a gose, we decided to review this superb beer on a rare and warm (for east coast winter) afternoon.

We tried our hand at making an Old Fashioned using cognac as the base spirit and we're happy to report that it was excellent as hoped.

And if you win a Golden Ticket, you can get paid to be your own Charlie Bucket.

Fans of Burger King worldwide undoubtedly know about the chain’s signature burger, The Whopper, and its veggie-less, bacon-and-cheese adorned cousin, the Stacker King. But Burger King South Korea is challenging our flame-grilled, stateside Kong-sized creations with its own mouthwatering Godzillas, the Stacker Whoppers. Thanks to BK South Korea’s “Real Whopper Challenge,” now available are the […]

NEFT, which uses a recipe crafted with old-world Central European ingredients, is one of the most unique and flavorful expressions of vodka we've ever tasted while also blowing its competition away.

Chef Roblé Ali has earned his stripes as one of the brightest culinary talents to emerge from New York and has rightly earned his “Saucerer” nickname. The Smoke Lord himself took time out of his busy schedule to speak exclusively with CASSIUS regarding his innovative spiced hot honey created in conjunction with Bacardi Spiced Rum […]