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One of the top leaders of the Puerto Rican Nationalist party, Oscar López Rivera, was set free after being held in custody for 36 years.

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If history reveals anything, Clarke and others like him are the perfect mascots to espouse distorted and racist views about Black America.

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On Wednesday night, the Justice Department dropped a Flex-bomb by naming a special counsel to investigate ties between President Donald Trump and his Russian cohorts.

Education secretary Betsy DeVos may have given 2017’s most talked-about commencement speech (for all the wrong reasons, of course), but the many engaging, inspiring and relevant-to-their-audience addresses that we’ve heard in recent years should not be forgotten in the midst of the recent controversy. In hopes of cleansing your palates from the Bethune Cookman debacle […]

Bomani Jones, otherwise known as El Flaco, is about to level up at ESPN.

If you're on social media, you've heard it thrown around more than once, most likely within conversations regarding another one of Kylie's questionable fashion choices (she "woke up like disss") or Drake's obsession with phony-ass patois—but where did "culture vulture" even originate?

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The abundance of dating apps maximizes the chances of everyone connecting with at least one person who can tolerate their quirks.

Cam Newton, or "Dab Daddy" as some people refer to him, is never one to mince words.

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Being the generous woman she is, Ms. Gloria Carter is not only prepping for the arrival of Jay Z's (sons?), she's hosting an auction to get our youth prepped for college.

Last year, Chicago’s top cop told reporters that his department is well aware of who is responsible for the city’s bloodshed

As music fans, it's always a gift to watch our favorite artists progress not only creatively but personally.

With Mother’s Day less than 24 hours away, last minute shoppers are damn near at meltdown status. The card aisle at CVS and Rite Aid have slim pickings, you missed the cutoff for 1-800-FLOWERS and all the ritzy spas are completely booked. But don’t freak out. You can still make an impact while tricking the lady in your […]