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Air Jordan 1 x Dior

Source: Nike x Dior / Nike X Dior

Well, that was quick.

Just two days ago, it was announced that the Dior X Jordan merch collection would be dropping on July 8. Sneakerheads were upset because the only crumb of information we got about the 1s was that the release would “take the form of an exclusive online experience.”

No one knew what the hell that actually meant, and has it turns out, they didn’t have much time to decode it. This morning, June 25, the Hi-tops dropped for $2,200 USD and the Lows for $2,000. The raffle is different than others because after you select your sneakers, you then have to pick the Dior store you’d like to pick them up from, and then you receive an email confirmation around July 1 if you’re one of the lucky winners. Then, with a QR code linked to your name, it must match the photo ID you present when you pick up the sneakers. It is a global release as the stores you can choose from are in Europe, the Middle East, North America, Japan, Asia, and Australia– which adds up to over 25 spots in total.

The surprise drop not only had some sneakerheads shocked by the sticker price (which was rumored but seeing those 3 zeros will always be surprising) but also joining in each other’s misery because they’ll most likely strikeout. If you’re ready for your inevitable L, you can enter here.

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