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Nick Cannon‘s penchant for kids is causing another star to get blasted on social media.

One of the main reasons Cannon’s growing army of children has been frowned upon on social media is because having that many offspring makes it hard to spend quality time with all of them.

Now one star has decided to defend Cannon for having many kids with multiple women. Enter Akon, who disagrees with critics frowning upon his lifestyle. The singer sat down on The Zeze Millz Show to explain his point of view on who he thinks should be the primary caretaker for children, what a father’s true responsibilities should be, and how involved they should be in a child’s life.

“I agree with him 1,000 percent. That’s how life is supposed to be. He’s rich, he’s responsible … He takes care of every one of those children,” he says when asked about Cannon’s arrangements. “And the baby mothers are with it, they hurt for nothing and they live comfortably.”

The show’s host Zeze Millz pushes back on the notion that being there for the children isn’t the same as them being financially taken care of.

“What about them?” replied Akon. “[Nick Cannon] is there for every one of them. Nick is there for every single one of those kids. I got nine [children] and I’m there for every one of mine.”

Akon continues saying attending kids’ recitals can be overlooked.

“No, that’s a White man’s thing,” Akon said as he became much more animated. “Who gives a fuck about a recital? Listen, my job is to raise my kids to be responsible, to be understanding, to protect their mother, to give a hand with their father and to assist with family planning, and to be responsible adults,” he says.

“My job ain’t to be doing all that extra stuff, all these holidays and recitals and all that. Guess what, while I’m taking care of my responsibilities to make sure the family has a roof over their head and food if I have the time to do that, then yes, I will do that.”

Twitter caught wind of Akon’s ideals of parenting, see how social media is reacting below.