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Akon told 'The Joe Budden Podcast' that men do not need women to have babies anymore, and American women no longer know their roles.

Akon defends Nick Cannon and his choice to spread his seeds. Says attending kids' recitals is "a white man's thing," Twitter rips him.

Akon has found a way to reverse aging… well, kind of. Hairloss is a struggle for men as they age, but with technological advancements and some money, anything can be fixed, right? Akon took advantage of his riches and revealed his new hairline to the internet. During a recent appearance on The Bootleg Kev podcast, […]

Akon has been working with the Senegalese government to build a tourist city for years and now his dream is finally going to come true. Details inside.

Akon City, Senegal. Yup, it’s a real thing. It’s official, Akon’s city, named Akon City, in his native country of Senegal is now officially open to the public. The country will operate on its own cryptocurrency named Akoin and it’s a short five-minute drive to the new airport in the country.   Last month, Akon […]

Donald Trump has set a precedent that it’s not necessary you dedicate your entire life to politics in order to become president of the United States. As so many know, Trump is a lifetime “business man,” who was elected as president of the United States. Since then, we have heard many different claims of celebrities […]

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Akon criticized the government for not taking him up on his offer to let his organization, Akon Lighting Africa, help restore power to Puerto Rico.