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Alessandra Ambrosio

Source: Amy Sussman / Getty

When you think of Victoria’s Secret fashion show, few names are as synonymous with the brand as Alessandra Ambrosio.

The legendary supermodel turns 42 years old today and has remained a hot topic in the fashion industry for over 20 years.

Born in Brazil, Ambrosio was a Victoria’s Secret Angel from 2004 to 2017, and strutting down the runway earned her a spot on Forbes’ list of highest-paid models in the world, making more than $8 million a year. Ambrosio also starred in campaigns for luxury brands like Christian Dior, Armani, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein and Christian Dior.

And did we mention she gave birth to two kids while juggling her professional life? As she gets older, Ambrosio has embraced her age and the ways the modeling world has changed.

“I think I’ve developed an inner confidence. I didn’t expect modelling to last, but here I am still doing it and loving it. So, that has made me feel that I can embrace my look at every stage of my life,” she told Harper’s Bazaar when asked about her body, appearance and style changing through the decades since entering the industry.

Despite those changes, Ambrosio still lives in a bikini and spoke to Forbes about creating her own swimsuit line GAL Floripa.

“Well I think for me, it’s trying to do things like from when I started modeling – I wanted to do things that make me happy. I’m not going to promote or create something that I don’t identify with,” she said. “And being from Brazil, I grew up in a swimsuit, so that’s what I like to do, and that’s what I like to create.”

Lucky for us, she posts a ton of those bikini shots to her Instagram. Check out some of her hottest IG pictures below.

1. Sexy in black

2. barely there

3. Lime Green

4. looking back

5. vacation time

6. sparkling

7. Cut outs

8. working it out

9. in the details

10. Vitamin Sea

11. beach days

12. Black-and-White

13. cheeky

14. Sun Hat

15. Ocean

16. twinning in yellow

17. Fun In The Sun