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In today’s episode of They Not Like Us, Amber Rose, the woman who created an image for herself as a champion for women’s rights, has disappointed fans all over social media by coming out as a supporter of the former p****y-grabber-in-chief, Donald Trump.

That’s right, folks, the woman who, after Trump was elected to office in 2016, hosted a “Slut Walk” to honor the agency and body autonomy of women that the GOP and the MAGA world demonstrably stands against, posted a photo to Instagram of her posing next to Donald and Melania Trump at an event, and she captioned the post, “Trump 2024” along with three American flag emojis. The post prompted a myriad of comments expressing disappointment, calling the biracial 40-year-old’s Blackness into question, and flat-out saying said Blackness never really existed.

“Imagine being an ‘advocate’ for women’s rights and endorsing Trump and his party who reversed Roe V Wade. Wild,” one commenter wrote under her IG post.

“Damn Amber😔… You’re a Bisexual woman of color that runs a movement that stands up for Women’s rights and their power against anyone that abuses it….that’s literally OPPOSITE of what he supports…smdh🙄😤,” another commenter wrote.

Rose made it even worse after The ShadeRoom shared her post resulting in more comments denouncing her, which she responded to by commenting: “Lmaooo y’all think Biden cares about black ppl??? Sad. Do your research. I did. I’ll always put women first. Y’all want biological men in women’s sports. Trump supports the most reasonable compromise on abortion. Stop being brainwashed, cuz WE’RE ppl of color. Make your own decisions.”

See, this is where celebrities like Rose show us that their critical thinking capacity is a narrow as their “research.”

First of all, an anti-Trump comment is not automatically an endorsement of President Joe Biden, which is why it’s why Trump supporters sound as dense as they tend to prove themselves to be when they pivot to “but…but…Biden” whataboutism whenever they don’t have a decent pro-Trump argument—which Rose certainly did not. Instead, Rose relied on transphobic propaganda as a justification for supporting Trump, as well as his so-called “compromise” on abortion, as if a woman’s right to choose what to do with her own body is a thing they should have to “compromise” on.

Does Biden care about Black people? Probably not, but Biden is not the president who spearheaded the propaganda-reliant attack on critical race theory, issued an executive order banning diversity training in the workplace, and he’s not the one promising to end all DEI programs across America if he’s elected again. Biden also isn’t the one who tried to disenfranchise voters of color by trying to invalidate votes from largely Black and Latino voting precincts as part of a voter fraud propaganda campaign after losing the 2020 election. Trump also told Black and brown congresswomen to “go back where they came from”, despite them all being born and/or raised in America. He generalized Mexican migrants and rapists and drug dealers, compared South American migrants to Hannibal Lecter, called them “animals” who are “not human” and said he wishes the U.S. received more white immigrants from “nice” European countries. (This is barely a fraction of his racist offense, by the way.)

So, besides endorsing a womanizing, chauvinistic pig who has been accused of sexual assault several times, she has thrown her support behind a loud and proud white nationalist whose policies and beliefs have always reflected his bigotry.

Also, much like we ask what happened to the older version of Amber’s ex and fellow Trump-humper, Kanye West, we must now ask: What happened to the old Amber Rose?

From Complex:

Just hours after Rose endorsed Donald Trump on social media, her old anti-Trump tweets surfaced, prompting her to defend her decision to support the former president.

Posted in 2017 and 2018, respectively, the first post shows a streetcorner trashcan, which Rose jokingly dubbed “Trump” at the time. “Trump thinks he’s slick showing up to the Women’s March in La,” she wrote.

The second post calls Trump a sexueal predator.

“Mannn fuck the fact that he’s old and fuck the fact that he was on TV. He is a sexual predator just like Trump and Harvey [Weistein]! (I hope they get their day as well),” it reads.

Speaking of social media, let’s take a look at some of these responses to Rose and her sudden love the man who has, time and time again, shown nothing but contempt for powerful Black women.