In today’s episode of They Not Like Us, Amber Rose, the woman who created an image for herself as a champion for women’s rights, has disappointed fans all over social media by coming out as a supporter of the former p****y-grabber-in-chief, Donald Trump. That’s right, folks, the woman who, after Trump was elected to office […]

Acolytes of the MAGA world are, apparently, big mad that yet another celebrity from “Hollyweird” has come right out and denounced Donald Trump. Actor Alan Ritchson, star of the hit series Reacher, sat down for an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, which was published earlier this month, and the 41-year-old challenged conservative Christians on why they […]

Earlier this month, some Black guy named Mark Fisher, who claims to be the co-founder and former senior director of a Black Lives Matter chapter in Rhode Island, declared his support for ex-president and current commander-in-criminal indictments Donald Trump, who he said he’ll be voting for in 2024 due to the “racist” policies employed by […]

Twitter Reacts To White Pro-Trump Terrorists Storming Capitol Building.

The nation is disgusted after Jussie Smollett was brutally attacked in a racist and homophobic assault, reportedly carried out by MAGA. Now there are new details concerning the sickening incident, as a neighbor reportedly saw a suspicious man just outside of Jussie’s apartment building a little while before the attack. TMZ:   TMZ says “A […]