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Angela Simmons Shows Off Natural Thickness In Unedited Bikini Photos

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Angela Simmons blessed us with her natural curves and sparked a debate in the process. 

Angela Simmons Put On For Natural Bodies With Her Latest IG Posts

Rev Run dropped his phone in the bathtub, and jaws hit the floor after Angela Simmons dropped a series of posts featuring herself sporting a tiny bikini. The photo featured Simmons showing off what her momma blessed her with in unedited form as she hit the runway during a swimsuit fashion during Miami Swim Week 2022.

In the caption for the senses tantalizing post, she wrote, “Raw no edit. REAL bodies matter 🤷🏽‍♀️and thick thighs save lives lol.” She isn’t lying about that either.

The photos eventually landed in the land of thirties, aka Twitter, where many praised Simmons in all of her thick glory. “Wait——THAT’S Angela Simmons?!! Wooord?,” Roots co-founder Questlove tested.

Simmons in her bikini even gave a user some confidence. “Angela Simmons and them turkey legs have BLESSED me on today. I may start wearing more dresses and shorts!” another user tweeted. 

Another Twitter user just wanted to devour her like a biscuit from Popeye’s, and we are dead serious.

Of Course, There Were Haters

But with praise, of course, comes hate. Some people had the audacity to call out the lighting used in the video and shame Angela Simmons for daring to show off her natural body.

Many came to her defense. “I can’t blame the people in the comments, most of the human race is so used to edited/photoshopped images that they now expect women/men to look “perfect”, no age lines, pimples, dark spots, cellulites ect ect. filters have corrupted reality,” a Twitter user wrote. 

Whatever the case, Angela Simmons looks G O O D. If you’re one of the people out here feeling a way about her showing off her assets, you can definitely go kick rocks.

You can peep more photos of Angela Simmons and reactions to her pictures in the gallery below.

Photo: SOPA Images / Getty

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