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Xbox Series X & PlayStation 5

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As 2021 comes to a close, at least one aspect of business still managed to have a pretty successful year, the tech world. 

Despite significant challenges, the tech industry managed to make lemonade out of lemons and capitalized on the high demand for particular items. Buyers were not stingy with their bucks when shopping for the hottest items from Apple, Sony, or Microsoft. The sneaker industry also still managed to thrive in spite of world calamity and the pandemic.

People were also digging deep in their wallets to take part in the crypto wave to score big in the stock market. T Music and movie streaming also had a great year as well as movies and original series continued to roll out to keep subscribers glued to their televisions and streaming devices.

There are plenty of wins to talk about. We explored them all in the gallery below.

Photo: Future Publishing / Getty

1. Gaming

Xbox Series X & PlayStation 5 Source:Getty

Even though PS5, Xbox Series X,  Xbox Series S, and Nintendo Switch consoles were hard to find thanks to the strain on the supply chain, business was booming for the video game industry. 

You would be hard-pressed to find either one of those consoles on a store shelf or online, and when they do drop, they sell out in minutes, sometimes seconds. There is hope on the horizon with some legislative action being floated by lawmakers, so maybe 2022, which might be the year those who have been on the outside looking in when it comes to next-gen gaming, will join the fraternity. 

2. Online Sneaker Shopping

Air Jordan 11 Cool Grey SNKRS Source:NIke

Yes, we know the SNKRS and adidas app can lead to more heartache instead of joy, but the prospect of not getting a pair of highly-coveted sneakers didn’t stop people from running to those apps.

Sneaker enthusiasts still woke up early on Saturday mornings and hit purchased on those apps in hopes they will get that “GOT’ EM” screen to share their joy on social media. So, yes, even though people express their disdain for apps like SNKRS, people still flocked to use it, A LOT. 

3. Cryptocurrency & NFTs

In this photo illustration the online platform for buying,... Source:Getty

It was an excellent year for crypto. People are still learning how to navigate the blockchain space, but everyone agrees there is gold in them cyber hills, and folks are running to get a piece of the piece of digital currency pie. 

Celebrities, athletes, and musicians all have announced either some sort of NFT (we’re still learning about those) or deals with crypto online exchanges like Coinbase to cash in while it’s still buzzing. 

4. Music Streaming

Spotify Source:Getty

The beat went on for the music industry, which kept people tapping their toes while we hunkered down in our homes and slowly returned to the streets. Music streaming apps had an exceptional year, one company, Spotify, with 32 percent of music streaming subscribers worldwide having a subscription with the streaming music streaming platform in the first quarter of 2021. That’s almost double the number of people who subscribed to Amazon Music. 

5. Movie Streaming

Young smiling man with wireless headphones using digital tablet at home Source:Getty

We couldn’t head to theaters as much as we liked, but that’s where movie streaming came into play. Netflix,  Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and more picked up the slack providing us with the movies and original content we love from each platform. 

6. Apple

The iphone 13 mini series smartphones are seen displayed for... Source:Getty

Apple didn’t avoid supply chain issues, but that didn’t stop the company from dropping another iPhone and other popular devices in 2021. As expected, Jobs’s tech company enthusiasts ran to their local Apple stores to pick up those hot ticket items in time for the holidays.