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Celebrating their 36th birthday today is designer and model Daphne Joy.

Joy has been linked to Jason Derulo and also shares a child with 50 Cent but is also known for her passion for fitness. Her love for working out has always been on display, but she still makes sure to embrace her curves.

She spoke to Iron Man Magazine about her eating habits that keep her toned but still manage to have cheat meals.

“I definitely go on a strict diet when it’s photo-shoot time. No carbs, sweets, or anything artificial. It’s all mainly chicken, fish, veggies, and fruits! I incorporated some of my Shredz supplements for muscle recovery and energy,” she said back in 2015. “The key for me is meal prepping and keeping my fridge stocked with healthy choices so I don’t cheat. I believe my curves are still there because I still like to indulge here and there on my off times. Everyone’s gotta live a little.”

Her fit lifestyle has even led to her creating and designing her own line of dresses and collaborative bikini brand, under her DAPHNE JOY label.

In fact, all that working out has led to her toned thighs, which she now appreciates.

“I’ve learned to really love my legs! I have huge thighs, and I’ve just learned to embrace them. This is the body we are a given, so might as well love it, right?” she added.

Since Joy stays in the gym, check out some of her sexiest Instagram photos below.

1. Bling Bling


3. in the nude

4. in the night

5. skin tight

6. and pose

7. dreamy


9. girl next door

10. in the shadows

11. from the back

12. beach days