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Of all of Kanye West‘s ventures, the most secretive may be his kindergarten through 12th grade school.

West’s Donda Academy hasn’t been around long and is already named in a lawsuit over the school’s conditions like its lack of furniture.

According to TMZ, the students enrolled at the school were required to eat sushi for lunch every day and had to eat on the floor without tables or chairs. Since kids couldn’t bring their own lunch or drinks, West was reportedly spending $10,000 a week on sushi.

The lawsuit was filed by two teachers that were fired from Donda Academy.

“Ye and his Donda Academy are being sued by two Black women who say they were fired from teaching positions at the school for two reasons — retaliation for sounding the alarm on alleged education, health and safety code violations — and for their race,” writes TMZ.

Foam cushions were all the kids could use to rest, and teachers either stood or sat on stools.

Other oddities in the suit included not allowing crossword puzzles and coloring sheets and not being allowed to use the school’s second floor because Ye was reportedly “afraid of stairs.”

Kanye’s longtime beef with Nike likely played a part in no one being allowed to wear the swoosh or adidas, in addition to a strict all-black dress code.

The unaccredited Christian Academy is located in Simi Valley, and the teachers claim the doors were locked from the outside and students couldn’t leave until the day was over.

“The suit claims Donda Academy didn’t have a janitor or a school nurse … and there were no trashcans outside classrooms or in the kitchen. Meanwhile, they say student medications were stored in a closet with other expired medications just scattered around unsecured,” writes TMZ.

The two teachers are suing the Academy for money, claiming their paychecks were routinely short, sometimes by up to $2,700.

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