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We haven’t gotten a proper Drake interview in years, but the 6 God blessed us with content this weekend.

If you were hoping to hear some deep retrospective on Honestly, Nevermind, or Her Loss, you’re mistaken, but it was nothing short of entertaining.

Not only did we get to see Drake in his comedy bag, but it was also the first time we got to see his son Adonis get grilled in an interview.

The father-son duo sat down with Barstool Sports’ Caleb Pressley for his Sundae Conversation interview series that starts with Adonis getting asked if he’s ever punched anyone in the nuts and if he thinks he’d be able to read by now if Drake was a better dad.

“Yeah,” Adonis says. “[He’s] a funny dad. He also does a lot of funny jokes.”

The banter then moves on to Drizzy, who’s asked, “Does Adonis ever try to c-ckblock you, so he doesn’t have to split his inheritance?”

Drake is clearly taken aback by the question but laughs through it, saying, “No, no, not really. [He] is always vibing out with me, telling me how great I am as a single father.”

The purposely awkward interview goes on for 11 minutes, where Drake reveals that he’s got four beds on his private airplane and that the most attractive women in the world are natives of Toronto.

He also set the record straight on his pricey necklace, which includes 42 diamond engagement rings that were jokingly said to represent every time he wanted to propose to a woman.

“It was more of just a joke, but obviously people took it literally. I was just trying to have an interesting story,” Drake commented.

There’s also a bit about Dan Aykroyd inventing Patron tequila. Who knew?

See how Twitter’s reacting to Adonis’ first interview below.