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If there are a few things that Drake enjoys, it’s elaborate custom jewelry and lusting over the women in his past.

Now he’s decided to mend his two vices with the creation of his latest iced-out chain, which has been dubbed “Previous Engagements.”

According to TMZ, the new chain is encrusted with 42 engagement ring diamonds, representing each time he’s felt the urge to propose but decided not to. The necklace drapes around the neck with additional diamonds dangling down the middle.

“In total, we’re told the piece’s 42 stones count for 351.38 carats in diamonds. On top of all the ice, it’s made using 18K white gold and was set using the eagle claw technique,” writes TMZ.

The chain was commissioned by New York-based celebrity jeweler Alex Moss and took 14 months to complete.


Drake rocked the chain for the first time at Lil Baby‘s birthday concert at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena last Saturday. Drizzy donned the chain atop a black tee, making the diamonds shine even more as the flash from the crowd’s camera continuously lit it up.

Moss told the Los Angeles Times of Drake’s reaction to seeing the chain after Moss presented it to him at Lil Baby’s party.

“He was in shock, as was I. We were both in shock, literally,” Moss said.

With those hefty diamonds set and the amount of time it took to create, the price must have been steep, but Moss declined to give an exact amount.

“The premise behind it was we just wanted to make a chain that was gonna kill the game,” Moss said. “I came up with the concept, the design, and I showed it to him and he loved it, and he said, ‘We have to do this.’”

The thought of Drake being involved with 42 women that he’d pop the question to may be inconceivable, but when you call yourself a Certified Lover Boy, it’s not too farfetched.

See how Twitter’s reacting to Drake’s latest hilarious and extravagant purchase below.