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Jordan All-Star With Fabolous 23

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For the last five weeks, Michael Jordan has captivated fans all over the nation with his sports docuseries, The Last Dance.

Taking a deep dive into His Airness’ unprecedented and unparalleled career, the ESPN special was right on time to entertain during the coronavirus pandemic. The 10-part, made-for-television doc renewed our love for the perseverant man that is MJ and taught us enough about the legendary athlete to keep us fascinated for a lifetime.

Last night’s finale was no different. The closing episodes dove into the Chicago Bulls’ ’98 NBA Finals win and Jordan’s disappointment in coach Phil Jackson walking away afterward. Jordan wanted to pursue a seventh championship ring, but would only stay under the direction of Jackson, who had both feet out the door.

While fans looked on in awe in recent weeks, Jordan’s daughter Jasmine (who made a quick appearance in the doc last night, alongside her brothers), has been just as astonished as the rest of us — learning more about her dad and texting him nonstop about some of these never-before-told stories. “I’m harassing him. He’s probably tired of me texting him,” she told AP Sports. “For me, it’s like, I was super young so I’m really taking this in as a fan.”

Jasmine is all grown up now and in true Jordan fashion, instantly went viral when fans saw her face on the small screen. She and her brothers talked about their mom not letting them sit in the arena during the ’98 Finals because they were kids and apparently, Utah Jazz fans were way too aggressive back then.

Hilariously, some people had no idea Jasmine existed until last night.

While others tweeted about how beautiful the 27-year-old is.

Not only is she beautiful, she’s both a mom and Nike Jordan Brand executive, in addition to working with her dad’s team, the Charlotte Hornets. If, like many, you’ve known nothing about Jasmine up until this point, check out more photos below. It’s been fun and we hope we get another Last Dance-style doc as soon as possible.



1. Wow, she’s picture-perfect.

2. Braided and bad ASL.

3. All suited up.

4. Flaunting what the good Lord gave her.

5. Unstoppable.

6. Undeniable beauty.

7. Peep the glow.

8. Posted in Hong Kong.

9. A true lady.

10. And beautiful as ever.