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Kai Cenat has found himself trending again, and it’s not for his trolling ways.

In a rare serious situation, the Twitch streamer is embroiled in a controversy with a woman. Days ago, an OnlyFans creator nicknamed Layla Red—real name Kierra Rush—took to social media to leak photos of her in bed with Cenat.

Red’s attempting to extort him because he didn’t pay her the 5,000 he promised her for allegedly sleeping with him. She alleges he’d already paid her $5,000 but flaked out on the rest.

“If I would’ve just got my money, I would’ve shut up,” Red said in the video.

Cenat took to his stream Sunday night to refute Red’s claims with an expletive-laced rant.

He pulled up his Apple Pay transactions to prove that he never actually gave her the thousands she claimed to receive from him, just $50 for her Uber.

“Stop speaking on me, bro!” Cenat yells. “You got in an Uber and came here.”

After seemingly calming down, he reveals that Red signed an NDA, which would bar her from speaking about their encounter, and if she does, it is grounds for legal action.

“Not only did you sign an NDA, but you also, while I was sleeping naked, decided to just post me online. Now, what do you call that, ladies and gentlemen? Revenge porn,” he says before explaining to his viewers what the true definition of revenge porn is.

“I’ve made it my duty to never be lied on again in my career,” he says. “You must’ve not remembered, as you were talking to me in our last encounter … I don’t know if you know this, but you were recorded.”

He proceeded to play alleged audio of him confronting her for taking the nonconsensual photos of him while in bed.

To enact his revenge for Red reportedly lying about the true nature of their relationship, Cenat says he bought all variations of “Kierra Rush” and “Layla Red” domain names so that when someone Googles her –to possibly see her OnlyFans– all they’ll see is the crimes she committed against him.

“So, no, your ‘OF’ link won’t pop up first. No PornHub or anything like that won’t pop up first. The top link will be Kierra Rush, okay? Showing everything that you’ve done,” he said. “You made a mistake f-cking with me.”