Kai Cenat‘s getting off pretty easy for the riot he caused last August in Union Square, New York City. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has said that Cenat’s gathering of thousands of New York City teens will not result in his prosecution on charges of inciting a riot and unlawful assembly, but he’ll still face […]

Kai Cenat has found himself trending again, and it’s not for his trolling ways. In a rare serious situation, the Twitch streamer is embroiled in a controversy with a woman. Days ago, an OnlyFans creator nicknamed Layla Red—real name Kierra Rush—took to social media to leak photos of her in bed with Cenat. Red’s attempting […]

Unfortunately, for Kai Cenat and Druski, the focus is not on how funny their skits were but how disrespectful they were towards Black women.

Have you ever asked your homeboy/homegirl for advice on how to shoot your shot at someone you’re interested in only to have that friend give you bad advice that causes your “shot” to be an immediate brick? Well, if that has happened to you, at least you’re fortunate enough not to have it happen while […]

Cenat addressed his fans on Twitch: "I am beyond disappointed in anyone who became destructive that day."

The power of social media was on display in NYC on Friday afternoon. It all began when streamer Kai Cenat announced on his Twitch on Wednesday that he’d host a huge PlayStation and other tech items giveaway in Union Square. The impromptu meet-up turned hectic when hundreds of his fans showed up in the city, […]