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Kanye West Talks Yeezy in NYC

Source: Kanye West Purchases Second City In Wyoming To Bring Yeezy Production / Kanye West Purchases Second City In Wyoming To Bring Yeezy Production To The US

Kanye West has been in the news heavy that past few weeks.

He recently decided to run for president despite admitting to never voting, announced a forthcoming album with the help of Dr. Dre and has a growing partnership with The Gap.

YEEZY supply website designer Nick Knight and West also dropped a documentary detailing what went into the site’s redesign. In the doc, Knight explains how West’s “artistic output” changing over the years influenced the look of the website. The website, which began with a ‘non-artistic approach’ combined with a “low-fi aesthetic,” which was influenced by the look of highly functional medical supply shopping sites, became something even more “poetic.”

But when it comes to tangible items that Mr. West’s fans can actually get their hands-on, its gotta be the Yeezy Foam Runner. Kanye West announced the croc-like slip-on shoe nearly a year ago in September 2019, and fans were immediately confused as to the style of the shoe and its purpose.

Some said it looked like a laundry basket, while others were just happy about the shoe finally dropping a few weeks ago. Surprisingly enough,  the kicks are environmentally responsible because they’re made of algae, yet only cost $75, which hyped them up even more. After the June drop, sneakerheads are finally starting to get their Yeezy Foam Runners in the mail and posting pictures on the internet to get roasted by strangers.

Peep some of the funniest reactions to the Foam Runners below: