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Brooklyn Nets All-Star point guard, Kyrie Irving, quietly has had one of the best signature sneaker lines. The KYRIE 5 cemented that claim with its unique styles and colorways like — the Spongebob collection — that helped the sneaker make the transition from the court to the streets. Today (Nov.5) Nike and Kyrie look to continue that winning streak with the introduction of the KYRIE 6.

To ensure the sneaker will continue to one of the best selling in Nike’s stable, Benjamin Nethongkome was brought back to make sure the KYRIE 6 keeps what made the previous model great with some slight improvements. While maintaining a slightly similar build as the KYRIE 5, the new kicks feature a Traction 360 grip that “helps keep Irving feeling quicker and more connected to the court. There is also the addition of Micro textures to the top of the forefoot to help with crafty guard’s “extreme bank.”

Like sports cars and racing vehicles, the KYRIE 6 has “been dropped 5mm closer to the court.” This will allow the already speedy Irving to play at top speed, and we are sure to help with his traction on the court. Unlike the previous model, the KYRIE 6 now has an adjustable midfoot strap that provides more stability and arch support to the wearer. Where both the KYRIE 5 and KYRIE 6 are both similar in design is the return of the Nike Air Zoom Turbo unit found in the forefoot plus the curved outsole.

As far as the details in the KYRIE 6, the uppers of the sneaker come in premium leather and ballistic mesh to help the sneaker translate from the hardwood to concrete. The healer’s hand, all-seeing eye, number 11, and his mantra “hungry and humble,” which reflects Kyrie’s spiritual nature return on the sneaker. So we definitely expect more unique colorways and styles of the Kyrie. Irving has already shown off what’s to come debuting an eye-catching pair in Brooklyn on the court last night and showing off more variations in a video with Bleacher Report Kicks.

Speaking about the evolution of his sneakers, Kyrie started:

“The Zoom Airbag, 360 traction, and the strap — the technology defines the functionality of the shoe,” says Irving. “But it’s evolved into a beautiful design that incorporates different inspirations from past Nike shoes.”

That’s clear as day, any sneakerhead might notice how the KYRIE 6 is definitely giving off Nike Air YEEZY II vibes with its design.

We hope those YEEZY inspired colorways do happen, for know you can get a detailed look of the KYRIE 6 in “jet black” ahead of the sneakers November 22 release.

Photo: Nike Basketball / Nike