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Malika Andrews Called Out For Bias Towards Male Black Athletes

Source: Kevork Djansezian / Getty / Malika Andrews

Oklahoma City Thunder guard Josh Giddey’s alleged inappropriate relationship with a minor should have him under the microscope. Instead, the conversation seems to be focused more on NBA on ESPN host Malika Andrews on social media.

The NBA and law enforcement are looking into allegations that 21-year-old professional hooper Josh Giddey was hooking up with a minor after a series of now-deleted posts from an anonymous user went viral on social media.

While some users were dunking on the Australian basketball star, others decided to call out Malika Andrews for the lack of coverage on the matter, accusing her of only going after Black male athletes.

She eventually spoke on it after the NBA announced it was looking into the matter.

One of the loudest people calling out Andrews was former NFL superstar Dez Bryant, who blasted her on X, formerly known as Twitter, for her so-called bias towards Black male athletes.

“@malika_andrews you went out your way to crucify Brandon Miller on draft day over something he didn’t even do. Why haven’t you said nothing about Josh Giddey. I advise you not to make this a black or white thing,” the former Cowboys reciever said.

He added, “Your parents really raised you wrong and just because you went to a private school don’t make you better.”

Bryant also called Andrews a “puppet” and said he doesn’t know how former and current players sit across from her and look at her with respect.

Jemele Hill Came To The Defense of Malika Andrews

Bryant’s comments towards Andrews brought him plenty of heat, most noticeably from former ESPN employee Jemele Hill, who defended the 28-year-old analyst, pointing out that Bryant didn’t have the same energy for Malika Andrew’s male coworkers.

“With all due respect, your tone and approach to Malika was out of line. You made it personal by bringing in how she was raised,” Hill responded. “You didn’t bring any of that energy to the male broadcasters. She wasn’t on air when the news about Josh Giddey happened, and it addressed when she returned.”

Bryant responded to Hill, telling her, “Don’t do that.” He noted that he apologized to Andrews only after Stephen A. Smith called him and others out on his podcast.

All of this energy needs to be on Josh Giddey, and not Malika Andrews, if we are keeping it a buck.

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