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Maria Taylor is above any pettiness going on in the media and her most recent post on Twitter proves as much.

In a leaked conversation over the weekend, Taylor — a sports analyst and host for ESPN across a multitude of shows and games since 2013 — received a ton of hate from white colleague Rachel Nichols. Nichols, who was upset that Taylor was ESPN’s choice for 2020 NBA Finals coverage, said Taylor’s increasing success with the network is due to her race and their need to increase diversity.

Now, our Black queen has seemingly responded. Needless to say, she kept it classy and inspirational.

“During the dark times I always remember that I am in this position to open doors and light the path that others walk down. I’ve taken some punches but that just means I’m still in the fight. Remember to lift as you climb and always KEEP RISING,” Taylor wrote on Twitter and Instagram. See below.

Tons of supporters responded on social media, saying they are grateful for Taylor and they see her “bigger purpose,” as do we. On both platforms, her message has garnered approximately 50,000 “likes” so far. More photos of Taylor below. She is a true class act, despite her haters, and we love to see it.

1. Taking in the sun.

2. Showing off that million-dollar smile.

3. Game. Set. Match.

4. Red is her color.

5. All hail the Queen.

6. Sweet as ever.

7. Sittin’ pretty.

8. Legs for days.

9. We love you, Maria, and we got your back!