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Nick Cannon is very open to Taylor Swift becoming his 13th baby mama. And well, Twitter always has time. Check out the best reactions inside.

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With 12 children and (apparently) counting, Wild ‘N Out creator Nick Cannon and his wayward kid-cannon are not done yet, and according to what he told radio shock-jock Howard Stern, singer Taylor Swift is “absolutely” a candidate for baby mama number 13.

“I’m happy currently with my dozen that I’ve got,” Cannon told Stern Monday after the radio host inquired about whether he would be extending that number to at least a baker’s dozen. Then Stern got Cannon to admit he might do just that if the right woman came along before suggesting Swift as the newest member of the Drumline actor’s ever-growing collection of baby’s mothers.

“Absolutely, I’m in, let’s go, that’s the one!” Cannon said.

While Cannon and Stern’s back-and-forth appeared to be mostly in jest, it’s a pretty gross conversation. It’s one thing to consider more children if the right relationship comes along, or if you’re in a current relationship with someone you might want to start a family with. But pointing to a random woman who hasn’t consented to a coffee date, let alone going half on a baby with you, and saying, “Yep, I’ma put my 13th kid in her” gives predator vibes, if we’re being honest.

It probably doesn’t help that Cannon went on to make suggestive remarks about Swift’s sex life and how it compares to his own.

“Me and Taylor’s numbers is very similar when we’re talking about being in these streets, so I think she would relate to me very well,” he said. He also said his “Spidey-senses was tingling” when the news dropped that Swift had broken up with her boyfriend of six years, Joe Alwyn.

Of course, the fine folks on Twitter had plenty to say about Cannon and how he needs to leave Taylor out of his community procreation peen nonsense

Yeah, the whole discussion between Cannon and Stern was weird and creepy. If Cannon can’t finally close the doors on his one-man single-parent home factory, the least he could do is shut up about it and keep Swift’s name out of his mouth along with any other woman who doesn’t wish to be involved in his endless baby mama drama.

See the best reactions below: