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Back in his New York Giants days, Odell Beckham Jr. lived in Drake‘s YOLO estate in California during the NFL offseason and recently opened up about his time in Hidden Hills.

During an appearance on the Punch Line podcast with Marlon Humphrey earlier this week, OBJ talked about one of the craziest experiences living there about fans going overboard to get closer to the 6 God.

Beckham Jr. says that one early morning, fans broke into the home and instantly recognized him after the taxing journey to get into the crib.

“Somehow found The Boy’s house, broke into it. And man they come into the room like, ‘We made it to Drake’s crib!’ Socks dirty as hell like they had to crawl through the mountains to get here,” Beckham said. “So I had to try and play it cool. I had to dap them up but I was like, on edge at this point. They’re like, ‘OBJ what’s up, man! Can we get a picture? Can we get an autograph?'”

In an effort to keep the situation nonconfrontational, OBJ obliged but got them to leave immediately after.

“I don’t know if they’re carrying something. I don’t know what it was,” OBJ continues. “So I gave them the picture, the autograph, boom – kicked them out. Instantly called security, instantly called cops. But I’m talking about broke into his house! I’ll never forget that. Broke into his house 7:30/8 in the morning. That’s insane!”

This isn’t the first time OBJ spoke about the craziness he experienced at Drake’s home. Back in 2016, during an interview with Ronda Rousey for Draft Kings, he didn’t give much details on being Drizzy’s roommate while finishing up Views but alluded to the experience being… a lot.

“Weird enough, I’m actually staying at his place right now while he finishes the album,” Beckham told Rousey. “He needs to chill out with that house he’s got out there, it’s just too much going on.”

Social media just can’t get past the idea of two friends living together. See the reactions below.