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Richard Jefferson Clowns Kendrick Perkins During NBA Celeb All-Star Game

Source: Arturo Holmes / Getty

The biggest highlight of the Ruffles NBA All-Star Celebrity Game didn’t happen on the court. It happened on the sidelines. 

During the rather lopsided celebrity affair that saw team Bill Walton run team Dominique Wilkins out of the gym, the color commentary trio of Cassidy Hubbard Kendrick Perkins and Richard Jefferson provided all the entertainment we needed. Jefferson, who has a flair for taking well-timed jabs at his fellow analysts, especially Perkins, didn’t miss the opportunity to clown Big Perk on national television.

During the 4th quarter of the lopsided affair (don’t let the score fool you), Cassidy Hubbarth asked Perkins when was the last time he played basketball after Jefferson noted he hasn’t hooped since he retired. Jefferson flamed his fellow ESPN coworker before  Perkins could answer the question, saying, “2 years before he retired.” The trio burst out into laughter, with Jefferson further stating it was “3 years before he retired.”

Hubbard even confirmed that they were all in stitches during the moment writing on Twitter, “When I tell you we were dying….”

Speaking of Twitter, they absolutely loved Jefferson clowning Big Perk, of course.


You may not like the hot takes Kendrick Perkins or Richard Jefferson drop throughout the season, but they never miss when it comes to moments like we just witnessed during the Celebrity All-Star game. If ESPN were smart, they would let these two call games together more often because we are sure it would be pure comedy.

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Photo: Arturo Holmes / Getty

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