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Birthday festivities are in order for Laura Harrier.

The actress turns 34 today and should be celebrating the career she’s had as a star thus far. She’s appeared in a bevy of roles in works like Zendaya’s buddy in Spider-Man: Homecoming, alongside John David Washington in BlacKkKlansman, as well as the White Men Can’t Jump remake that’s set to hit Hulu in May.

One of her most controversial roles came when she played Robin Givens in the docuseries on Mike Tyson’s life, where she was committed to telling the stories that played out in the media more than 30 years ago.

“I wanted to tell this story as honestly and truthfully as I could. Both were so misrepresented in the media. It was really shocking looking back at these articles from the ’80s and seeing the way that people villainized her in legitimate publications,” Harrier told Cosmo. “I wanted to come at it from a place of compassion but also a place of objectivity.

Harrier, a classic beauty, has also been recognized by many fashion brands for her looks. She’s scored a David Yurman ambassadorship and fronted campaigns for Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, Kenzo and Hugo Boss.

Check out some of Harrier’s hottest Instagram moments below.

1. over the shoulder

2. after party

3. Wink

4. the material

5. barely there

6. just rosey

7. red carpet ready

8. by candlelight

9. Saint Laurent Queen


11. coasting

12. face card

13. keep it simple

14. cheeky

15. all smiles

16. artsy

17. Sand & Sunsets

18. and pose

19. Little Red Dress

20. canadian tux