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#SpiritHallowmeme Generator Is Providing Halloween Laughs

Source: Alexi Rosenfeld / Getty

One thing you can always count on from Twitter is a good meme, and in the spirit of the spooky season, the #SpiritHalloweenMeme generator is right on time to provide hilarious laughs. 

Nothing has become more synonymous with Halloween than Spirit, the pop-up Halloween-themed store. Like free candy, the locations that magically sprout up across New York City serve as hubs where last-minute costume seekers can scrounge together a spooktastic idea to ensure they have the spooktastic drip required to get in that Halloween party.

As expected, when putting together a last-minute Halloween fit, it won’t be the highest quality, so Twitter decided to turn Spirit’s great value costume packaging into one of the year’s best memes.

Twitter Went Ham With The #SpiritHallowMeme Generator

Using a meme generator, Twitter put its clever wits to work by making costumes out of your favorite problematic celebrities, political figures, and other pop culture moments.

One Twitter user hilarious used the meme generator to make a Kanye West costume, implying a garbage bag is the only clothing needed.

Another Twitter user left the space where the photo would be empty, calling the costume “my dad,”: adding the “gallon of milk not included.”

Of course, you can become a “sociopath.”  The costume includes a dried hay wig, 250 lbs of padding, orange face paint, an extra long tie, and a MAGA hat. If you figured it out, it’s a clever way of describing a Donald Trump costume.

Are you looking for an Elon Musk costume? Well, this Twitter user Spirited up one for you. It comes with “daddy’s apartheid emerald wealth,” “sense of hyper entitlement,”  “the sense of humour of a 14-year-old,” “undiagnosed psychopathy,” and, of course, “Twitter.”

Lol, Twitter has been going ham with these memes. You can see the best ones in the gallery below.

Photo: Alexi Rosenfeld / Getty

1. LOL, accurate


3. Tears