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Running into nosey people with microaggressions isn’t just for regular joes.

Famous wide receiver Terrell Owens got caught up with a Karen in his very own Florida neighborhood. To ensure everything was documented, he hopped on Instagram live during the dispute, and viewers could immediately hear what was happening.

The white woman can be heard telling Owens that he blew through a stop sign while he protests that he wasn’t speeding and there was no stop sign.

The Hall of Famer reveals that when he stopped to respond to the woman, she called 911, and while they were waiting for law enforcement to arrive, she began harassing him and even said, “You’re a Black man approaching a white woman!”

The video clocks in at 11 minutes, and Owens can be heard referring to the woman as Karen several times.

“So when I called her ‘Karen,’ her husband wanted to tell me to stop calling her ‘Karen,’” Owens said. “They thought I was just going to bow down and listen to all that mess. OK. This is where we are, America.”

Broward county officers were eventually dispatched to the block to diffuse the situation, which thankfully didn’t escalate, and released a statement on the matter.

“The deputy made contact with a man and a woman on scene who were having a verbal dispute,” the department statement said. “The parties were separated, and the situation resolved.”

TO would later chat with TMZ about the matter and was very aware that things could have gone much worse.

“If the wrong type of cops came out, if they got the wrong type of information. Her, you saw the video, she started crying, you never know how that situation could’ve turned,” he said. “I could’ve died. Honestly, I could have died, and the storyline would be totally different.”

Twitter watched the video in its entirety and had their opinions on how violent this situation could have become: