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Russia Invasion Of Ukraine Has 'Thank God Trump' Trending On Twitter

Source: Anadolu Agency / Getty

The deadly Russian invasion of Ukraine has shocked the world and left people around the globe wondering what’s coming next and how it will all affect the nations we live in. Many of us are clear on one thing here in America: We’re damn lucky Donald Trump isn’t still our president.

Considering the fact that there are prominent right-wing pundits riding Russia President Vladimir Putin‘s jockstrapbecause white conservatives have no problem supporting oppressive tyrants so long as they’re white oppressive tyrants—and the fact that Trump and Putin were buddy-buddy through his presidency and the former president is still praising the current warlord now, it’s no surprise that many are just glad Orange Jussolini isn’t in charge of the country’s actions anymore.

And thus, the “Thank God Trump” Twitter trend was born.

When you think about it, the conflict between the two European nationswhich the overwhelming majority of world leaders, people who know things and people who have hearts understand is all the fault of Putin and his Russian aggressors—will be a huge hurdle for Trump if he ever officially decides to run for president again in 2024. There’s nothing the commander-in-lying-and-losing can say that will prevent his opponent from using his salacious bromance relationship with a violent warmonger against him. 

We mean, Trump and Putin were the Starsky and Hutch of people no sane or intelligent person believes should have nuclear codes at their disposal.

Maybe Starsky and Hutch aren’t the best comparisons. To many, Trump is to Putin what Wayland Smithers is to Monty Burns in The Simpsons.

Yep, that’s what we’re living in— a real-life adaption of The Simpsons. This is where we are now, and thank God Trump is no longer our president. You can peep more reactions in the gallery below. 

Photo: Source: Anadolu Agency / Getty