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Michael Jordan is the GOAT of the hardwood, but one of his other talents is the elite facial expressions. In the age of the internet, reactions are gold, and thanks to Jordan never being afraid to hide his emotions on his face, the second coming of the Jordan meme has been born.

During episode four of The Last Dance, Jordan was addressing his longstanding beef with Bad Boy Piston leader Isiah Thomas. The beef was born when Thomas went back to his native of Chicago and felt a way when his family was wearing Jordan jerseys. But the disrespect was really felt when Thomas refused to shake hands with the opposing Bulls when they defeated him in the 1991 Eastern Conference Finals. To this day, Jordan hates the fact that Thomas didn’t show any sportsmanship at that moment.

“I know it’s all bullsh*t,” Jordan said in episode four of The Last Dance. “Whatever he says now, you know it wasn’t his true actions then. He has time left to think about it, or the reaction from the public has changed his perspective.”

When Jordan was presented an iPad during his interviews for the documentary to hear Thomas’ excuse 20 years later, a new meme was birthed because of the priceless look on his face.

Jordan isn’t active on social media, but fans are happy that he’s aware of how popular his crying meme is after addressing it at Kobe Bryant’s memorial. Oh, and Ron Harper’s response to Craig Ehlo getting to guard Jordan is going to get a lot of use too.