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The Weeknd Debuts New Song 'I'm A Virgin' On 'American Dad!'

Source: CBS Photo Archive / Getty

Abel shined and let loose in his animated debut.


Last night (May.5), you might have noticed that The Weeknd was trending, and no, it wasn’t because he dropped a surprise album. The usually mysterious and moody artists came out of his shell during his long-awaited American Dad! debut. The episode was a hit if you asked Twitter and mainly because it was chocked full of sexual innuendo and BIG HORNY vibes and, of course, hilarious.

Speaking with Variety, The Weeknd spoke on the big opportunity to star in the animated sitcom  saying, “I always wanted to play a character that was the opposite of the public’s perception of me—and of course, make fun of myself.”

He definitely did that.

In the episode titled “A Starboy Is Born,” which Abel co-wrote alongside Robot Chicken producer, Joel Hurwitz, he is kidnapped by Stan to teach Roger a lesson.

Instead, the family and the viewers learn that the “Worth It” singer is not as promiscuous as his personal leads us to believe. In fact, on the show, he reveals he “protects his virginity” to win Grammys. He even premiered a new song ‘I’m A Virgin” in which he glorifies waiting until marriage to smash singing to Stan’s ridiculously horny daughter :

“Had a lot of girls in my day/ Wanted more from me/ But there’s really only one way/ To start a family.”

The Weeknd let it all hang out in the show (no pun intended), and speaking with Variety revealed he enjoyed his experience and still has one more animated sitcom appearance high on his list.

“American Dad! was everything I wanted. It’s going to be hard to beat this in the TV cartoon world, but an obvious bucket list would be to work on The Simpsons. That would be a dream — and if they’re reading this, I actually have a pretty cool idea if they’re down.”

Based on this episode of American Dad! we would like to see that as well. Until then, you can peep the reactions to The Weeknd’s appearance on the show below.

Photo: CBS Photo Archive / Getty