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Astroworld Festival 2021

Source: Erika Goldring / Getty

Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone who attended the Houston, TX stop of Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival. At least 8 concertgoers are confirmed dead by authorities, although fans have gone on record to say they witnessed hundreds of lifeless bodies being trampled during the concert.

No one is 100% sure about how fans started dropping like flies. Reports state someone was going around injecting people with an unknown substance, while those who were in attendance say it was very difficult to breathe and there was a “demonic” aura in the air.

What everyone agrees on, though, is many, many people were experiencing symptoms associated with not being able to breathe. People were reportedly fainting left and right and being carried out or crowd-surfed to safety. Witnesses also seem to agree Travis Scott and his crew had a clear view of what was going on, but continued the show anyway.

Some think Travis may have truly believed it was just a couple of fans passing out from dehydration, which is normal at large concerts. Reports state he was simply unaware at how serious the situation was. Judge for yourself.

Travis, and his girlfriend Kylie Jenner, have gone on record to say they had no idea anyone died — although Travis didn’t exactly take his time with making sure people were okay. It’s also worth noting there are multiple videos of fans alerting onstage concert staff to people dying… and still nothing. That in mind, folks have been highlighting A$AP Rocky‘s reaction in a similar situation. For those who never saw the footage, A$AP once had a visceral reaction when he believed girls in his mosh pit were not okay. Watch below.

Travis has since announced he is refunding all ticket purchases for the night in question. More information on that HERE and videos of all the Astroworld chaos below. Prayers up!

1. The audience chants “stop the show”

2. One fan made her way to the stage to beg the cameraman for help.

3. Travis Scott acknowledges one fan who passed out and asks security to help.

4. An ambulance arrives and Travis’ team approaches him on stage with a message that he seems to ignore.

5. A fan is seen dancing on the ambulance truck throughout Travis’ performance.

6. Another angle: concertgoers chant for the show to be stopped and talk about what is going on.

7. Another fan alerts the onstage crew: “People are fucking dying.”

8. Travis Scott sings as an unconscious fan is carried out.

9. Concertgoer says they saw over one hundred lifeless bodies.