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As America continues to react to the death of Minneapolis resident George Floyd‘s death, one of the byproducts is celebrities giving their take on the upheaval.

Some have been heavily uplifting others via social media; some still think a retweet is enough for their pass in Black culture to be renewed, and others are completely jumping out the window with head-scratching statements.

Queens native LL Cool J was one of these celebrities, who, while viewing the racial injustice in our country and seeing people respond in various ways, he decided not to speak on the Black experience– but the biracial experience.

“Imagine how people raising bi racial children feel right now!!!!!! This is crazy!!” the rapper turned actor tweeted Saturday afternoon.

People were perplexed as to why this was the first thought he decided to come to Twitter with, and the backlash began. He was getting so much hate for his views that he hopped on Instagram Live to attempt to clarify himself.

“What you’re not going to do is to get me to act and be like a moron or an idiot just for you to like me. Kiss my ass. I ain’t doing that either. I’m not going to tell lies on Twitter or act like I don’t have questions about things just to please you,” he passionately said. “I don’t care if you like me or not because there are a lot of likeminded people who get it. And that’s who I care about.

It’s all a very emotional subject, so plenty of folks on Twitter questioned what LL meant by his statements and why his mind immediately went to those who identify as biracial.