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As we close in on Valentine’s Day and all the requisite declarations of love, many of us are still looking for an accompanying gift. We hope that our Valentine’s Day 2024 gift guide has something that catches your eye and will aid you in catching your loved one’s heart perhaps.

Valentine’s Day and its beginnings date back to the 5th Century but began taking root as a wider celebration of love and the like around the 14th Century. There are several fascinating origin stories although none serve as the official starting point of the day.

In modern times, the day has become a period of gift exchanges, trinkets expressing affection, grand gestures, and all things in between. Our gift guide sort of takes that stance as well.

Beyond flowers and candies, your special valentine might be into other things like the outdoors, cooking, or just loves to kick back. We even have a few munchable options in here along with a few curveballs for the adventurous gift seekers. What we hope for is that you’ll find an item for the person you love and care for and make their special day a little brighter.

Hopefully, all of your Valentine’s Day shopping needs were made a touch easier with our guide.

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1. Absolut & Ocean Spray “Cran in a Can” Galentine’s Day

Absolut & Ocean Spray “Cran in a Can” Galentine’s Day Source:other

I usually keep the adult beverage content separate from the gift guides but I’m making an exception for two brands I enjoy, Absolut and Ocean Spray. Taking the guesswork out of the classic vodka and cranberry cocktail via its RTD cans, the brand is also rolling out a Galentine’s Day kit via Cocktail Courier. 

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2. Armitron

Armitron Source:Armitron

For just under five decades, Armitron has produced high-quality yet affordable watches in a wide variety of styles and made for several different occasions. In the image, we’re featuring the Metro from the brand’s men’s division but there are a bevy of great watches for all.

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3. Bell’s Reines

Bell’s Reines Source:Bell’s Reines

Bell’s Reines, a Maryland-based cookie brand, was founded by the mother-daughter team Teneisha Bell-Thompson and Angel Thompson Cephas, and named after Thomas Roosevelt, Bell, Jr., Bell-Thompson’s dad and Thompson Cephas’ granddad. Keeping things in the family, the company’s president, Joyce Thompson, is also a member of the cookie-making team.

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4. Be Rooted

Be Rooted Source:Be Rooted

Be Rooted is a still-rising success story, becoming the first Black-owned stationary brand to be sold in Target. We’ve featured Be Rooted in past gift guides and would make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one. The brand also has a beautiful coffee mug and wine glass set for that all-day focus and late-night relaxing. 

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5. Bevel Starter Kit

Bevel Starter Kit Source:other

Bevel is all about grooming products for those with sensitive skin and has occupied a significant portion of the space. Founded by Tristan Walker in 2013, Bevel continues to innovate with its handy list of options. For those looking for the right gift, we believe the Starter Kit is a good place to begin the journey.

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6. BOTE Kula 2.5

BOTE Kula 2.5 Source:BOTE

BOTE is a brand that focuses on paddleboards, kayaks, outdoor accessories, and heavy-duty coolers. We’re featuring the Kula 2.5 that doubles as both a cooler and beverage dispenser. A good find for the nature lovers. 

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CASETiFY has been in the phone case biz since 2011 and has unveiled several showstopping designs for a wide selection of smartphones over the years. The brand has a new Valentine’s Day collection that you can get for a discount by using the code LOVE24.

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8. Doctor Plotka

Doctor Plotka Source:Doctor Plotka

I’ve been enjoying Doctor Plotka Mouthwatchers products for years, especially the brand’s fresh mint and propolis whitening toothpaste. Get your loved one prepared for a kiss with this great gift idea.

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9. Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club Source:Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club has been in the men’s grooming business for more than a decade and the subscription-based model has achieved measurable success. Keeping up with the times and the DIY movement, the brand has new offerings by way of their Style Detailer and the 3-in-1 Freestyler tools. For the hairy guy in your life, this will go over well.

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10. Earl Stevens Selections

Earl Stevens Wine Source:other

Earl Stevens Selections bears the birth-given name of Bay Area legend, E-40. Most are already aware that 40 Water has long involved himself in a variety of business interests over the years and has a still-popping music career.

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11. EARPEACE Music Pro Earplugs

EARPEACE Music Pro Earplugs Source:EARPEACE

EARPEACE is here to save your hearing, especially for those of us who have to be around loudspeakers or environments without control of the decibels. We’ve used the Music Pro edition, and they’re the real deal.

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12. Flexispot C7

Flexispot C7 Source:Flexispot C7

I’ve been using Flexispot products for around two years now and as a longtime remote worker, nothing beats a prime home setup. Flexispot’s C7 Ergonomic Chair is just one choice among its many offerings, not to mention the brand’s acclaimed standing desks.

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13. FRESH by Houston White

Houston White Source:other

We’ve featured FRESH by Houston White over at our sibling site here and we’re happy to share that the products from the Minneapolis native are the real deal. With shower gels, lotions, and more, FRESH will have your loved one looking, ahem, fresh. 

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14. Halo Top Chocolate Covered Strawberry

Halo Top Chocolate Covered Strawberry Source:other

I was a bit torn on including a perishable food item in the guide but I went with my heart (I can hear the groans from the crowd). Halo Top makes my favorite fruit sorbet and now they’ve got a new limited-edition chocolate-covered strawberry flavor. Grab a Halo Top and some spoons and you’ve got a sweet ending for two.

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15. Helinox Sunset Chair

Helinox Sunset Chair Source:other

Helinox is all about building lightweight but sturdy camp furniture for your outdoor needs. Snag a pair of chairs for you and your boo and take in the skies together. 

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16. High Camp Flasks

High Camp Flasks Source:High Camp Flasks

High Camp Flasks are fixtures across our Men’s Divison brands (Hip-Hop Wired, CASSIUS) and we’re big fans of their rugged, functional yet stylish look. I’ve used my flasks during a recent overnighter under the stars. If you really want to jazz things up, you can get your flasks or tumblers engraved. 

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HUNGOVRAF Source:other

I could’ve used HUNGOVRAF during my recent trip to Jamaica, but I’ll spare the details. Designed by party animals with party animals in mind, the HUNGOVRAF cap is suited for hangovers, migraines, and sleep needs.

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18. It’s A Date!

It's A Date Source:other

It’s A Date! takes some of the fuss out of date planning by way of a scratch-off card system that is grouped by time of day, costs, and length of time. With 40 options, smart planners will stretch the cards out over the next few months and you might discover new hobbies with you and your sweetheart.

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19. Just Bee

Just Bee Source:other

Just Bee offers an array of non-toxic candles, oils, and lip balms for everyone. We’re into the idea of the brand’s lavender fig and golden amber scents and we can’t wait to try this one out.

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20. Kora Baselayers

Kora Bamboo Baselayers Source:KORA

It’s February so there are still cooler temps and opportunities to hit the slopes this season. Outdoor apparel brand kora (how it’s written online) offers base layer garments infused with yak wool. According to the brand, yak wool’s versatility makes it both lighter and warmer and also regulates temperatures.

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21. Lumineux

Lumineux Source:other

Founded by Dr. Kourosh Maddahi, Lumineux takes Dr. Maddahi’s nearly three decades of dentistry experience by tailoring a line of products that focus on overall mouth wellness. That includes a whitening option, selections for sensitivity, and also hydrating. 

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22. MÄNNKITCHEN Pepper Cannon


MÄNNKITCHEN, which translates into “my kitchen” from old Norse, and considering my best friend/brother is Norweigan, I was stoked to share this with the readers. While MÄNNKITCHEN offers a wide array of tools for the kitchen, we’re checking out the brand’s Pepper Cannon. I love a good mill and this is one of the best around.

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23. Nocs Standard Issue Binoculars

Nocs Standard Issue Binoculars Source:Nocs

Nocs Provisions specializes in an array of binoculars and monoculars, and accompanying stylish straps and other accessoires designed for outdoor and active viewing activities such as sporting events, bird watching, nature hiking, and more.

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24. Oyin Handmade Levi Fisher Bundle

Oyin Handmade Levi Fisher Bundle Source:Oyin Handmade

Oyin Handmade won Best Lotion honors for Hello Beautiful’s 2023 Melanin Awards (which I proudly nominated as a longtime fan of the brand). I’ve been using Oyin Handmade’s products for years, and for those of us in the Beard Gang, the Levi Fisher Bundle is just one of their many products that will make someone’s day.

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25. PJ’s Soaps & Bombs

PJ’s Soaps & Bombs Source:PJ’s Soaps & Bombs

PJ’s Soaps & Bombs is the creation of husband and wife team Patrick and Jill Cunningham. Despite their high-profile professions in the transportation space, the Cunninghams also wanted to give others the gift of relaxation and lowering the stresses of a long day. With bath bombs, beard care, lotions, and more, PJ’s has something for all your needs.

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26. Rewind It 10

Rewind It 10 Source:other

Rewind It 10 comes from the minds of Carolyn Aronson,  Jeff Aronson, and chart-topping rapper Fat Joe. For our loved ones not ready to embrace the grey, this is what they’ll need to rewind it. Wait. Rewind It…”Lean Back”…ah, we see what they did here.

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27. The Get Down Coffee Co Sampler Pack

The Get Down Coffee Co Sampler Pack Source:The Get Down Coffee Co

The Get Down Coffee Co combines the talents of the visionary Houston White and coffee expert and enthusiast, Dan Anderson. Founded after a chat over a cup of brew in 2015, Get Down Coffee Co has a selection of serious beans for the java lovers out there.

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28. Twilla

Twilla Source:other

Created by brothers Mark and Peter Rane, Twilla hopes to shake up the pillow industry with its adjustable pod system to help plump up your Twilla to your desired fullness. 

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29. The Lip Bar Skin Trip Kit

The Lip Bar Skin Trip Source:other

The Lip Bar is the creation of Detroit native and New York resident Melissa Butler. Frustrated at the lack of vegan lipstick options, Butler created the line out of her home and now is one of the leaders in the vegan cosmetics game.  If you’re new to the brand, a face refresh with Lip Bar’s Skin Trip Kit is a good way to go.

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30. SugarWish

SugarWish Source:other

SugarWish was made for those of us who would rather our loved ones pick out what they want without the so-called coldness of handing over a gift card. The brand takes care of the hard part for you, and you can discreetly send out a link to your recipient where they will have a selection of goods on deck.

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31. Puffer Hug

Puffer Hug Source:other

Puffer Hug is perfect for people who just want a quick layer to throw on during a quick run to the store, a walk to the mailbox, or a lightweight option to warm up that won’t bulk you down. 

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32. In Good Taste

In Good Taste Source:other

In Good Taste was created for people like me in mind. You know us, those who have serious FOMO or can never decide on what to get. I’m that way about wine and In Good Taste helps take some of the pressure off by way of its tasting flight and gifting options, including some handy options for Valentine’s Day.

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33. iLive Truly Wireless Earbuds

iLive Truly Wireless Earbuds Source:iLive

We’ve featured iLive products in the past and the brand, which has nearly five decades of electronics know-how, offers headphones, wireless earbuds, and speakers. Among its offerings, iLive has several noise-cancelling headphones and earbuds. Grab a pair for the music, podcast, or audiobook fan in your life.

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34. Pilly Pal

MyPillyPal Source:other

Pilly Pal is something I should have focused on years ago. If I told you all how I currently pack my medicine on work trips, you’d be embarrassed for me. Thankfully, Pilly Pal offers a stylish stash for your medicine and pain relief needs.

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35. Solight

Solight Source:Solight

Solight offers a selection of collapsible solar-powered lights that have a variety of uses such as illuminating the backyard kickback, aiding in safe passage while in nature, and even setting the mood. Founded by Alice Chun, the company also pledges a portion of its profits to help communities that lack energy resources. Go ahead and light up someone’s life sustainably.

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36. Vinci Cold Brew 360

Vinci Cold Brew 360 Source:Vinci

Vinci specializes in sleek kitchen appliances and coffee, including a snazzy citrus juicer. We’re featuring the brand’s Cold Brew 360 device and if your loved one is a fan of cold brew, grab this one for them.

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37. Vitapod

Vitapod Source:other

Vitapod has the noble mission of delivering hydration, energy, and wellness boosts by way of its handy pod-based and bottle system. Founded by Brian Kennedy with his son Patrick on board as the CEO, Vitapod is hoping to become more of a household name. Check them out today.

Learn more here.

38. Wacom Intuos S

Wacom Intuos S Source:Wacom

Wacom is one of the leaders in the pen display, tablet, and digital ink space and as someone new to these types of devices, they have a myriad of uses. The Wacom Intuos S is one of the brand’s smaller but portable models so you can create collectively or on the go.

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39. WellBody

WellBody Source:WellBody

WellBody is in the business of muscle therapy and recovery through its handheld massage guns lineup featuring the innovative HeatBall technology. The Wingspan model is perfect for those who aren’t as limber as we used to be.

Learn more here.

40. Yum Cha Tea

Yum Cha Tea Source:other

Zac and Nicole Holzapfel are the founders of Yum Cha, a company they began with a pair of friends back in 2017, although their romance, which began over tea, dates back to 2005. Today, the brand offers over 250 tea blends, including the pictured Blue Coconut.

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