Twitter Reacts To People Going Hard For Kanye West's $55 YEEZY Slides

Source: YEEZY Supply / adidas

We thought Kanye West was canceled? Apparently not. Anyway, if you have been on Twitter, people are legit upset that they missed out West’s YEEZY slides this morning.

Yes, people actually woke up bright and early this morning hoping to land a pair of the $55 rubber slides that honestly look like something you probably could have picked up in a sales bin at Costco. The despair appeared on Twitter timelines as hypebeasts began complaining about being placed in the waiting room only to learn that their slides, which came in three colors, sold out in their size.

One Twitter user perfectly encapsulated his frustration by using the Isiah Thomas clip from the Last Dance, speaking on why he wasn’t selected for the 1992 USA Olympic Basketball Team, aka The Dream Team.

While there were many sadly willing to spend $55 bucks on a pair of slides, there were also a lot of people who just couldn’t wrap their minds people even going so hard for YEEZY’s latest drop in the first place.

Regardless, the bootleg presidential candidate got his money. Those who successfully purchased a pair might have even contributed to his campaign unwillingly. You can peep the rest of the reactions to Kanye’s YEEZY slides in the gallery below.

Photo: YEEZY Supply / adidas

1. Hell nah

2. Same

3. Accurate

4. Welp

5. LOL

6. You right, we don’t and we are fine with that.

7. How unfortunate.

8. Hate to see it.

9. Might have done you a favor honestly.


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