You may have a grandmother, mother or auntie who used baby powder to keep their intimate regions cool in the summer or just because it made them feel fresh year-round. Almost everyone has seen a Johnson & Johnson baby powder in the arsenal of beauty products of a woman in their lives. It turns out […]

"Too many families are losing their brothers, their fathers, their uncles, their grandfathers – pillars of our homes – to the disease. 'Talk That Talk' is an incredible opportunity to help save lives by getting more people to have these crucial conversations... I've been so blessed many times over in life – with my career and my family – and I want to use it to help save lives." - Retired NFL tight end Shannon Sharpe

Indiana Pacers' new acquisition Caris Levert had surgery for his kidney cancer this past Monday.

Head inside to hear from Roker after his prostate cancer surgery.


The intuitive, sensitive souls. You feel your emotions on a deeper level than most. Because of this, folks look to you when they need a dose of empathy, but your cool disposition isn’t to be mistaken for meekness; you have an intense side, too. Pisces The Astrologer Says: Your 2018 won’t be as outwardly dramatic […]

The disease has seen a steep rise in younger patients in recent times.

Chad Bettis: 1, Cancer: 0.