Drake has spent a lot of time streaming on Twitch lately, in support of the online casino Stake. So one particular streamer opted to gift The 6 God with a tricked out gaming PC that cost nearly $8,000.

As far as Martin Lawrence is concerned, fans of the classic buddy cop Bad Boys franchise should expect to see him and Will Smith team up again as Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowery in the future. At least that’s what the 57-year-old comedian said in the July 2022 cover story for Ebony. “We got one […]

Drake took to Instagram to share the trailer for Amsterdam, scheduled to hit theaters November 4, 2022. Executive produced by The 6 God and directed by filmmaker David Owen Russell (who also wrote and produced the 1930s-era flick), Amsterdam boasts a star-studded cast, including Christian Bale, Chris Rock, Margot Robbie, Robert DeNiro, and John David […]

Kanye West famously rapped about pushing "Mayonnaise colored Benzes and miracle whips." Well, he might be closer to creating one of his with the new DONDA Foam Car.

People wonder if Will Smith would've been as bold at that Oscars show if someone other than Chris Rock made that "G.I. Jane" joke. Well, according to DJ Jazzy Jeff, even Mike Tyson himself was gonna get it from Smith that night.

Steph the host will be in the building come July 20.

Kendrick Lamar was selected as the headlining act for this year’s Glastonbury Festival, and the Pulitzer-prize-winning rapper performed a number of his well-known hits like “Humble” and “Alright.” But throughout the night, one particular prop featured prominently atop Lamar’s head: a diamond-encrusted crown of thorns similar to the one he wears on the cover of […]

VH1 just fired Ceasar Emanuel from their hit reality series "Black Ink Crew New York" for a video that shows him allegedly abusing a dog at his Atlanta home. How's the network going to address the controversy surrounding the show's main star?