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"Big mistake in the Penny relationship, big mistake in the Kobe relationship, horrible mistake in both marriages. Other than that, I don't really dwell on a lot." -Shaquille O'Neal on "The Pivot Podcast"

"May the Most High continue to use Top Dawg as a vessel for candid creators. As I continue to pursue my life’s calling." - Kendrick Lamar in a letter to fans, dated August 20, 2021

"Wait.. so you want me to be concerned about another grown man’s sex life?? Is that what you’re really interested in? As oppose [sic] to having a dialogue about music??" - Terrence “Punch” Henderson via Twitter in response to a homophobic joke about Isaiah Rashad

The Hidden Figures star has accomplished plenty on-screen. However, her notable achievements off-screen have made her this year's worthy recipient of the institution's LHD.

"This not our first fallin' out, know how to handle it now, Banks gone, ain't nobody there to settle it now Them other niggas need verses from whoever around, C'mon Foofy, this Instagram shit done got goofy" - Young Buck, "Foofy Freestyle (50 Cent Diss)"

Kim Kardashian is over the rumors of a second, raunchier sex tape of her and Ray J. So she's ready to burn all the money needed so she can move on - and she wants to burn Wack 100 along with it.

Williams called the rap icon's recent statements regarding the COVID-19 vaccine "outlandish," and more. Watch the clip inside.

Jennifer Hudson split with her fiance, David Otunga and filed a protective order against him after nearly 10 years together.

In case you diverted your eyes away from social media for the past hour or two, let us break the news: Kylie Jenner is(reportedly) pregnant . And because several Kardashian-friendly sources are saying it’s true (E! News, TMZ, Us Weekly), and no KarJenner has tweeted or spoken out to deny  the situation, we’re going to go ahead and […]