If you're more Fortnite than Fender, the Jamstik might be your way to learn guitar.

Turtle Beach’s new Gen 2 700 Stealth comes on the heels of the release of the Gen 2 600,  last month. Like it’s 600 counterpart, it is an improvement over its predecessor. But in an accessory-heavy market, is it worth the buy? I took them on a spin with me while I cued up the […]

We spoke to the award-winning Playcrafting alums about starting a company out of their love of gaming.


While luck might be when talent meets preparation, magic is the ability to commune with natural forces to work in your favor. And, It might be the social distancing talking but I think Demetria McKinney might really be a witch. No, I don’t mean in the colorful language way, or even the #BlackGirlMagic way despite […]


When the line, “What’s the difference between a 4.0 and a 4.6” was uttered in JAY-Z’s Imaginary Player, it was a simple message veiled in an adlib of a song. If you’re going to get a Range Rover and have the option to get the best one, why not ball out? Even back in the […]