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Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2

Source: Turtle Beach Press / Turtle Beach Press

You don’t get to last as long as Turtle Beach has in a fast-paced genre like gaming if you aren’t in touch with your crowd. Turtle Beach’s Gen 2 Stealth 600 shows that the team was listening to the customer feedback and is a marked improvement from the original making it a viable contender in the crowded under $100 range of gaming headphones. We received the PS4 version and decided to take it through the paces on a weeklong gaming session. 



Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 controls

Source: Turtle Beach Press / Turtle Beach Press

People were polarized by the look of the original model. Some liked the angular design, others were put off by it. Well, the Gen 2’s keep a similar aesthetic with maybe a slightly more rounded and slimmer profile. They have done away with the old mic as the new mic flips-up seamlessly into a cutaway section of the left ear pod. They are made of similar materials  but where the stiffness of the original was an issue, the Gen 2 have earcups that can swivel and pivot that allow for a more secure and comfortable fit and fold flat for easier storage if you choose to not use the included headset rest. They are light, sturdy and the foam of the ear pads is comfortable and breathable. 

The only real point of contention in design is the control placement. I personally don’t mind it, but after seeing some reviews and speaking with some other users, I understand. When you have two headsets it might be an odd choice to put the mic, charging port, power button, equalization mode button, chat wheel and volume wheel all on the left cup and nothing on the right one. It might seem a bit crowded but I think it also depends. I am right-handed, so when I was playing Division 2 and had to adjust volume, I could still fire and duck while I used my left to adjust. So it’s really if you put priority on movement or buttons that it becomes an issue. With that said, I do think it wouldn’t have been a bad idea to move some of them to the other side to give a bit more space. 



Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 mic

Source: Turtle Beach Press / Turtle Beach Press

Where the Gen 2 shines is in delivering audio quality that sounds awesome across platforms. The PS4 version I tested is also compatible with PC, Switch, and the PS5. While I didn’t get to test it on the 5 (Looking at you Sony) it sounded great during a PC session and when I hijacked my son’s Twitch, although I did have to adjust it a bit. Even with music, the sound is good. I used them to listen to some music as well as for my guitar practice and while it was fine for practice there isn’t a lot of bass. So if you like your bass-heavy, these won’t be a viable option. 

Also the mic might not be up everyone’s alley. Coming from a big family projecting my voice isn’t that big a deal for me.  But the mic’s pickup isn’t the greatest primarily because it is positioned away from your mouth with no way to get it closer. So you have to speak a little louder. By no means a deal breaker. If you’re playing a casual game, it’s fine. If you’re in the middle of an intense game with intense people, you might get drowned out a bit unless you speak up. 

Final Verdict

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 band

Source: Turtle Beach Press / Turtle Beach Press

The Gen 2 600 Stealth is a worthy successor to the original. Turtle Beach took the notes from previous owners and made sure to improve upon it delivering a good headset for casual players that want wireless and not end up penniless.