Drake‘s used to sneak dissing and name-dropping to get people upset around his music, but this time it’s a single artwork. As we all await his oft-delayed album For All The Dogs, he’s got Halle Berry at his neck. For his latest single, “Slime You Out,” he took the song title literally, and the cover […]

Like the finest of wines, Halle Berry continues to only get better with age. 

Halle Berry has been praised for her short hairstyles over the years but has switched her look up by changing colors and lengths.

"The true measure of a man — and I will forever see him as the angel in the balcony watching over all of us." - Halle Berry

The Front

The Oscar-winning actress had harsh words for her former manager Vincent Cirrincione.

The Front

Sterling K. Brown won last night with his inspiring speech.