Smith went on to warn that more layoffs at ESPN would be coming and he's not exempt from getting cut.


ESPN is restructuring to save money. And in doing so, they’re reportedly letting go of 20 on-air personalities, including Jalen Rose, Keyshawn Johnson, Max Kellerman, and Jeff Van Gundy. The network has struggled with a number of controversies in the last few years including trying out former His & Hers stars Jemele Hill and Micheal […]

Since Jackson admits he already stopped watching the NBA, Rose instructs him never to tune in again. "Stop watching forever," he said.

 There’s nothing like a good hot take from a sports pundit to start a worthy debate. This time it’s Jalen Rose, but it’s got nothing to do with the NBA and everything to do with the cost of getting a fresh haircut. While doing press at a recent red carpet, the former NBA player chopped […]


Jalen Rose made tweets about a "fake troll" and the Dallas Cowboys, which has fans wondering if he is referring to ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith.

Jalen Rose showed up to work, thinking he got a fit off. Twitter said nah.