"To be clear, no matter how hard this administration continues to try, we will not be erased."

For the first time in known U.S. history, the 2018 midterms are seeing the most LGBTQ+ candidates on ballots across the nation. Over 400 non-incumbent candidates ran for office at all levels of government in 2018, and at least 244 were still in the running post-primaries. Many are saying that this could cause what is […]

"Bisexuality was never visible to me, I was barely ever told that it existed."

The stigma that is placed on the LGBTQ+ community has shifted throughout the years. While homophobia and transphobia still exist and run rampantly throughout our global society, there is more of a gracious tolerance, partly due to mainstream visibility. However, there is a very specific piece of this community that is still largely ignored. Due […]

While over the years society has come a long way in becoming more accepting of the LGBTQ+ community, there are still many misunderstandings that can occur. This can be blamed on a ton of things, whether it’s lack of academic and medical research or few existing policies that protect and serve this community. However, the […]

In this day and age, we need to be grateful for the smaller blessings. One of those small blessings? More diverse superheroes in media. At Comic-Con on Saturday, the cast and crew of CW‘s hit show Supergirl had a groundbreaking announcement — they’re welcoming the first transgender superhero to television. Trans activist and actress Nicole Maines […]

If we ever had a reason to kiki over some amazing news, FX just gave it to us: the network has ordered a second season of their historic drama series, Pose. Co-created by Ryan Murphy, Pose is a dance show that explores life in New York City’s 1980s ball culture world. It’s the first show […]