We have our first Karen of the new year. This one had the audacity to try and come for LeBron James.

Twitter and LeBron James are clowning Courtside Karen after she hopped on Instagram claiming she was gonna beat up the Lakers superstar.

The Los Angeles Lakers championship rings signifying their 17th chip feature plenty of cool "easter eggs."

The original basketball hoop is still there.

We definitely should appreciate the NBA's bubble season even more now. 

Everyone has an opinion regarding LeBron James, and his career doesn't necessarily mean they are right. Former NBA baller Mo Speights learned that the hard way on Twitter.

Los Angeles Lakers fans thought Friday night (Oct.9) they would celebrate their team's 18th NBA championship. Instead, they spent the night clowning Danny Green.

Snoop Dogg & Twitter Blame Danny Green & Markieff Morris For Lakers Game 5 Loss