After his well-publicized spit with Nike, NBA star Kyrie Irving has found creative ways to cover up his sneakers rather than throw them away.


All-Star weekend is usually about the stars, but last night one was made. Once the contestants of the Dunk contest were named — Trey Murphy III, Kenyon Martin Jr., Jericho Sims, and Mac McClung— fans complained that no well-known players were taking part. However, it proved for one player, in particular, to make sure he […]

The starting lineups for the 2022 NBA All-Star Game have been announced, and there were some shoe-ins as well as some surprises for the February 10 contest.


It often takes awhile for people to recognize the future when they see it, especially in the NBA. Whether it’s because no one sees someone's greatness because they play for a team in a small market, they haven’t shown their skills in the playoffs, or their award room is still empty, some of the best players of today were overlooked yesterday. The most underrated guards in the NBA have already proved themselves to be worthy, it’s just a matter of the world recognizing it and giving them their due.

Take a look at a few of the celebrities who will take over the three-day event.