Vandals spray painted the "N" word on the front gate of his property.

If you hope to get your hands on the Nike KD “Still KD” 10’s, you'd better watch closely.

Because what's accountability?

It's all fun and games until Bieber crashes the culture.


Michael Kelly and Neve Campbell open up about the addictive fifth season.

After the recent cancellation of both 'The Get Down' and 'East Los High,' we're quickly realizing that the breadth of depictions of Latinidad in Netflix and Hulu originals is toeing an even slimmer line than usual.

Sadly, we saw this coming. Netflix sleeper and cult favorite, 'The Get Down,' has been canceled after just one season.

The Front

"Appropriation Nation" has served as an incredible primer for Team CASSIUS to talk about what we know best — the culture.

If you're on social media, you've heard it thrown around more than once, most likely within conversations regarding another one of Kylie's questionable fashion choices (she "woke up like disss") or Drake's obsession with phony-ass patois—but where did "culture vulture" even originate?

Before all of the intrusions, I was minding my business, busy being the Editor-in-Chief of the oldest, largest Black magazine in the nation, doing oldest, largest Black magazine in the nation type things.

The Well

We ain’t sorry, n-n-naw. It’s rules to this CASSIUS shit, check ‘em out and let us know if you’re truly about that unapologetic life.


Few individuals among the nearly 8 billion in the world have the ability to take a given sport and turn it on its head. But the ones who do, manage to become global figures who allow their athletic prowess to both impress and inspire them. But, in the end, it’s about what they do off […]